Candida oblivion

“I spent a great deal of my life being ignored. I was always very happy that way.”

– Saul Leiter

It’s easy to get lost on gear or photography group talks, in the middle you might lose your direction and wonder “why do you love Photography”. I couldn’t care less about gear, if it’s beautiful, has a cult following, what brand it is, in the end I only care about how it performs with light. I write with light and I’m in love with it. That’s what drives me, Light. I don’t care for the tools, the more discrete the more underdog the better. I want people to care about my vision not what I carry in a fashion bag. The best thing is to ignore and be ignored by the photo community, it’s the only way to really stay in focus and work your vision day after day, months, years. Recognition is a bonus not the purpose, I shoot because I need to I don’t know how to express myself without Photography. Light is everything.

João de Medeiros

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